We use clean ingredients only. This means everything we use is safe for skin contact, burns clean, is chemical free, and is animal friendly. 

Soy Wax

Soy wax is the cleanest burning candle base known to man. It is completely derived from plants which makes it both vegan and cruelty free. Despite the legalities in the United States that allow marketing soy wax as "organic," that is unfortunately a loose term only employed for marketing. While soy wax is NOT organic — it does not grow on trees — it is derived from organic means that make it the cleanest and most ideal candle base. We source ours from one of the top producers in the country known for clean soy wax to make our small batches, carefully processing the wax flakes by hand. This means everything is checked twice before it reaches you - we make sure there is no residue of oil or grease that could be harmful when burning!


While the fragrances we use are not essential oils (which in excess can be harmful to humans and fatal for animals), we painstakingly ensure that every oil we add to our candles is 100% non-toxic with no harmful additives. All of our scents are developed by us using a combination of organically-derived fragrance oils for the best combination of bold scents clean breathing air.

Our wicks

All of our wicks come from a line known to candle makers as ECO wicks. Eco wicks are designed for their adaptability to different waxes, their slow burning nature, and the fact that they emit the least amount of carbon of any wick! These reinforce the status of "clean-burning," more than any other ingredient — as the item that is actually on fire, it is imperative that these are just as clean as the wax and the fragrance. We insure that ours are so, processing each by hand before fastening it to your candle jar or dough bowl to make sure it is exactly the right thickness to leave behind the least amount of carbon.

The black ring

Many people reference the black ring around candle vessels as a sign that they are toxic. We have tried this theory and found that even our cleanest burning candles can end up with a black ring toward the end of the burning process. Why is this? Any time a substance is burning, there is (although at times minimal) an emission of carbon. In small quantities it is completely harmless, even essential in the air we breathe — however it can create an ugly ring of soot around the mouth of candle jars that give candles a bad name. Depending on the placement of the wick, the ring does not appear in every candle, but when it does, it is nothing to worry about. A small ring indicates that the candle wick is burning to it's cotton core — while larger dark spots may imply that you have a toxic candle.

To understand the full spectrum, read our guide below

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