Collection: Fragrance List and Samples

We have compiled a list of all fragrances Wax-n-Wix has offered. While some fragrances may not be available online at this time, we wanted our customers aware of all we have offered! Don't be afraid to ask about a fragrance you see here that is not currently sold. Although seasonal fragrances may not be on the website, we can still customize an order for you!


Apples and Maple Bourbon

This scent opens with apples, cinnamon, and hints of orange. The heart of this fragrance is bourbon, sweet maple, and a hint of vanilla. 

Around the Tree

 Bold notes of pine and cedar with a touch of mint.

Cabin Fever

A strong scent with notes of green apples, caramel, cinnamon, maple sugar, cider spice and warm vanilla. Perfect for cooler weather.

Cactus & Jade

A perfect mix of earth tones and a floral scents. Sweet agave, fresh aloe and chrysanthemum petals make a perfect blend.

Caramel Apple

A perfect blend of caramel and red delicious apples. 

Cashmere Plum

Bright citrus with a touch of black cherry, amber and sugar. Base notes of freesia and musk given this scent a light earthy feel that is comforting.

Cedarwood & Smoke

A large focus on cedarwood with a woodsy blend of amber, sandalwood, and smoke to provide a strong base. A more masculine yet calming scent.

Christmas Cookie

The boldness of warm vanilla with a touch of caramel which smells identical to a christmas sugar cookie.

Christmas Hearth

A combination of orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir leaves from the Christmas tree and a little smokiness from the fireplace. A perfect holiday tradition scent that is light in smell.

Cinnamon & Vanilla

The bold fullness of cinnamon combined with a rich and creamy vanilla. The perfect mix of sweet and spice. 

Citrus Delight

A freshly cleaned home. How a lemon drop tastes. A powerful aroma of lemon with lighter notes of grapefruit, orange and limes.

Coffee Shop

Freshly brewed Colombian Arabica beans with hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar and cocoa.

Cozy Sweater

A bold, complex fragrance. Top notes of ginger, peppercorn, and spice. Middle notes of tobacco leaf and aged teakwood blend into a deep base of sandalwood, amber and dark musk.

 Cranberry Woods

Loaded with the tartness of cranberries and infused with orange, cinnamon, fir and herbaceous blends.

Crisp Linen

Cottom blossoms with a touch of lemon. Base notes of powder, sandalwood, and violet. 

Cucumber Melon

Such a classic scent. The perfect mix of refreshing cucumber with honeydew and cantaloupe melons. 


A floral explosion with creamy sandalwood, cedar and vanilla musk.

Drift Away

A magical, relaxing clean breeze of the tropical fruits limoncello, pineapple, sugar mint and exotic flowers. A mood lifting scent with a spa like feel.

Fall Harvest

A fresh blend of ripe pumpkin, red apples, juicy strawberries, and ginger mixed with cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Fallen Leaves

Apples. pears, orange rinds blending with cinnamon sticks and dried leaves. A lighter fall scent.

Frazier Fir

Inspired by the popular Christmas tree. Citrus top notes and a woody, fir balsam core that puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Fresh Snow

 Winter mint, apples, crisp pine needles blend together to create a sparkling clean scent.


Freshly cut gardenia blossoms captivate this fragrance. 

Georgia Peach

This scent is an explosion of a ripe georgia peach.


Ginger blended with all of your favorite holiday spices and ending with molasses for a sweet, melt in your mouth aroma.

Grapefruit + Mint

A refreshing, bright scent of ruby red grapefruit mixed with fresh mint.

Happy Birthday

A classic birthday cake smell for sure. A scent full of nothing but buttercream. 

High Tide

Eucalyptus, jasmine, sun dried driftwood and vetiver.

Home Sweet Home

Cinnamon, georgia peaches, and crisp golden delicious apples.


A perfect blend of honeysuckle and white patchouli. Light and floral.

Lavender Mist

A clean scent with soothing lavender and a hint of floral and fruit.

Let's Celebrate!

Peaches, grapefruit, and a hint of rosemary mix with delicious bubbly champagne for a sparkling, fizzy, fruity clean scent.

Lime + Coconut

The perfect blend of lime and coconut. Not too sweet but not tart.

Love Story

A soft, sweet perfume scent. Hints of floral blends with vetiver, amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Magnolia and Peony

A powerful floral aroma with bold notes of magnolia, peony, and freesia.

Milk and Honey

The perfect morning fragrance with smells of oat milk, honey, and cinnamon.


A fresh scent with top notes of eucalyptus. Middle notes of pine and fire. Bottom notes of cedarwood with a touch of clove.


Top notes of apple, peach and grapefruit. Middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea. Base notes of vanilla. A lusciously soft scent that mimics the VS famous Love Spell fragrance.

New Year's Eve

Black currant and blackberries are at the heart of this fragrance with base notes of apple and amber to create a sophisticated aroma. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruits. 


Sea salt, citrus, amber and vanilla all combined to create a clean scent.

Orange and Clove

The perfect blend of orange peel, clove, and a touch of cinnamon.

Papa's Pipe & Rye

Tobacco leaves mixed with rye whiskey, A classic southern combination.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus

The perfect blend of sweet peppermint and earth eucalyptus for a spa like appeal.

Pineapple Sage

A tropical blend with top notes of fresh pineapple and base notes of sage and sugar. The perfect start to an amazing summer.

Pumpkin Spice

A blend of spicy nutmeg and pumpkin with undertones of vanilla and caramelized sugar.

Rainy Day

A fresh mixture of greens and herbs, hints of lemon and clean air all blending together. A light, earthy scent.

Sea Salt & Orchid

Sea salt, lily, jasmine, and tonka beans create a luxurious spa like scent.

Southern Hospitality

Dusky earth tones and smoke blend with hints of pine, cedar and brown sugar.

Suit and Tie

The best cologne appeal. Rich notes of sandalwood, florentine iris and herbaceous clover with undernotes of french verbena, violet leaves and ambergris.

Teakwood + Fern

Teakwood and fern leaves blending perfectly together for a vibrant, refreshing scent.

Tutti Frutti

Blends of various melons and citrus fruits for a refreshingly bold scent. 

Vintage Lace

The most luxurious fragrance. Powdery top notes with a sweet heart of lavender and vanilla and a woodsy base of musk, amber, and sandalwood. Soft yet so elegant that you will want it in multiple spaces at once.


White Cashmere

A strong yet sweet appeal perfect for a luxurious line. Blends of flowers and fruit combined with a woodsy appeal and amber. Vanilla orchid and citron peel are followed by white patchouli flowers, oudh accord, and hellotrope. Finishing notes of tonic beans. 

Woolen Blanket

A sensual blend of rosewood and cedar leading into spicy clove, vetiver and dark amber. A winter scent.

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