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NEW Good Tidings 5Star Wax Melts | Clean-burning Wax Melts

NEW Good Tidings 5Star Wax Melts | Clean-burning Wax Melts

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Sticky holiday treat basket with all of the dried fruit, cinnamon, buttery brown sugar goodness that comes with the Christmas season! A complex and unique scent that somehow communicates the sweet hospitality of the holidays in one multifaceted blend.

We took a creative angle to spread the holiday spirit! Instead of annoying, difficult to open and close plastic clamshells, 5Star wax melts come in bags that are easy to open and close. All of the benefits of long-burning wax melts with BOLD scents, but without the hassle!


  • Clean burning
  • 100% soy wax
  • Non-toxic
  • Hand-made
  • Pet safe
  • Unique, original design to brighten up any room
  • 100hr burn


100% soy wax melts curated with non-toxic fragrance blends โ€” designed for a bold scent without the chemicals that typically come with it. Each scent is developed to be clean-burning and safe for everyone (and their pets), without the side effect of migraines caused by harmful emissions. Every element from the fragrance to the wax blend to the labels is carefully designed by our owner. Our candles are hand-made by her and her family in the USA in the beautiful town of Statesboro, Georgia!

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