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TSwift Set of 3 Gift Package | Non-toxic 100% Soy Wax Candles | Bundle + Save 13%

TSwift Set of 3 Gift Package | Non-toxic 100% Soy Wax Candles | Bundle + Save 13%

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Your choice of three albums for the perfect gift for any Swiftie.

Scent options:

Debut - wildflowers and teardrops on an old guitar - the essence of this icon's beginning

Fearless - fresh lemonade with sparks of pomegranate. A bold but fresh, endearing scent for the album of this rising star! 

Speak now - florals and sea salt composing a unique scent inspired by first loves and high school drama

1989 - the fresh scent of sea salt and linen, enhanced with eucalyptus to sharpen the scent of being FINALLY CLEAN.

Red - rich vanilla and the lingering scent of spicy ground cinnamon you’ll remember all too well…

Reputation - the scent of leather and spilled wine in the getaway car

Lover - florals and citrus - the euphoric scent of being left behind and finding new love

Folklore - cashmere notes of an abandoned cardigan and the scent of old pine

Evermore - old flannel intertwined with the fragrance of rich, creamy vanilla

Midnights - deep lavender with hints of frozen driftwood and rain


  • Clean burning
  • 100% soy wax
  • Non-toxic
  • Hand-made
  • Pet safe
  • Unique, original design to brighten up any room!


100% soy wax candles curated with non-toxic fragrance blends — designed for a bold scent without the chemicals that typically come with it. Each scent is developed to be clean-burning and safe for everyone (and their pets), without the side effect of migraines caused by harmful emissions. Every element from the fragrance to the wax blend to the labels is carefully designed by our owner. Our candles are hand-made by her and her family in the USA in the beautiful town of Statesboro, Georgia!

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