Our Mission

Burnworthy exists for the core purpose of glorifying God. There are manifold reasons to do what we do well, but that remains at the center. Our goal is to reflect the ultimate Light of the world in everything we produce, not just set wicks aflame.

The life giving power of God's love for us spreads like wildfire. In those terms, we want to get the whole world burning.

The ecomerce market is saturated with eco-friendly candle options and crunchy online brands. Candle ads on instagram never stop. And if that isn't enough, candles compose the pinnacle of T-j-maxx checkout traps. With this in mind, we understand the value of your choice to do business with us. We work diligently to offer a good online shopping experience and provide a willing answer to any questions you may have.

For any questions, you can contact us at store@burnworthycandleco.com. This will connect you directly with our owner. Which is also me... hi!

I develop our fragrances and design candle labels/vessels to be a hospitable yet sophisticated touch to your home — of course, with a bold flare. Not only are my candles meant to be a clean, aromatic medley of gorgeousness, I design them serve as a minimalistic but bold decoration. 

Aligning with our mission, they are also designed to be a conversation starter. Only words with meaning get cancelled. Only acts of bravery are commemorated with flames. Only One baptizes with fire. It may seem like a stretch, but I have toiled to ensure that even the name of this company has a connection to the One who created me! I am a firm believer of giving people what I owe them, and as His creation, my creativity is only the result of His abundance of it.

As you browse my site, I hope you enjoy the designs and anticipate with fragrance with all of the pungence your imagination can contrive. LET'S GET BURNING!

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