"We exist for the sole purpose of glorifying God."

Burnworthy was started in 2023 by 18 year old Ally Keene. Connected with a nurse practitioner at her church who could no longer make candles on side, Ally purchased the business in her senior year of high school, having no idea what she was doing.

The journey came with lots of trial and error and some hard knocks. After 6 months of struggling to make a profit after buying the business in 2022, it was clear that there needed to be a change.

Ally changed the former business name, Wax-n-wix, rebranded, and started supplying everything from the U.S. Most significantly, she changed the mission of the business in a way that forever altered her perspective. Burnworthy went from merely a candle business to an avenue to share bits of God's death-defying love with others by applying scripture to every candle label.

We don't make "Christian," the face of our business because that is not who we're here to serve exclusively. Christians can purchase our candles, sure, but we have a greater intention of sharing our products with unbelievers and striking up conversations about what the verses on our candles mean. We choose verses for each specific candles while maintaining a modern, minimalist design. This way, we share bits and peices of the gospel with people regardless of their background.

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"Giving my life to Jesus is the best and most impactful decision I have ever made. I want to open up the opportunity for more people to make that decision, helping them to understand how they are loved by their Creator." - Ally Keene