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Do you know what's in your candles?

A vast majority of American candle brands love talking about wax but are secretive or silent about the content in their fragrances. We take pride in offering candles with ingredients that are U.S. harvested and 100% CLEAN.

❌ No carcinogens

🍃 Vegan

🧨 No toxic chemicals

🐾 Pet safe

🧴 No phthalates

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Biblically based

Each scent we develop is paired with a Bible verse printed on the label to share just one taste of God's love with everyone who burns one of our candles.

Non-toxic living goes deeper than what we put in our bodies.

It affects the mind and soul too!

About us

"Each man’s work will become known. There will be a day when it will be tested by fire. The fire will show what kind of work it is. - 1 Cor. 3:13

Hear from our 800+ satisfied customers...

It's been a wild two years...

In 2022, I made the decision not to go to college. It has been a wild ride since then but the Lord had an ultimate plan!

In 2023 it became clear that through my work making candles, God was doing something deeper. I started listening to His call and Burnworthy was born!

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