Get a professional design

We design all of our labels in house, carefully crafting a luxury minimalist appearance.

The custom candles we craft for brands reflect the same style, made to send a direct message to your customers/clients that leaves a lasting impact.


Curate your scent

Each one of our fragrances is hand blended and non-toxic.

We pledge to offer the same to you, offering detailed descriptions of our options or sending test candles so you can craft your very own scent.


Choose a size/style

Each brand is different and so are your customers/clients!

Our standard candle size is an 8 ounce glass jar. However, we are always in the industry and finding new ways to craft our candles. We would love to work with you and find a size/style jar that compliments your brand!

Ready to pull the trigger? Use the contact form below to describe your business needs/expectations.