Do you know what you're burning in your home?

Most candle brands are secretive about the truth of their candles, making false claims to 100% soy wax because of legal loopholes in the U.S. while using toxic fragrances. Here at Burnworthy, we not only use refined soy wax, we make sure all of our oils are free of respiratory irritants, pet friendly, skin safe, and strong. We meticulously choose every ingredient in our candles, brand and all, from the U.S. Here is what we put in them!

#1 - The Wax

We use strictly 444 and 464 Golden Wax in each of our candles. These are 100% soy wax created from soy bean oil harvested right here in the U.S. and processed (aka hardened) with natural soy derivatives only. One of the most popular waxes used for candle making, this wax is prized for it's beautiful texture and smooth pour. Each flake is from America only, supporting soy bean farmers across the United States.

#2 - The Wick

Many pay attention to the wax and fragrance in candles but it is rare to talk about what is actually burning: the wick. It is one of the underappreciated but most important factors of candles which is why we refuse to cut corners on this element. We use only ECO wicks, made out of braided cotton and soy wax for an all natural and U.S. derived quality. Depending on the size of the vessel we're pouring in, we use different density wicks for an even burn in every candle that still lasts long. Our wicks are ultra absorbant to absorb as much fragrance as possible so you get the best effect from each burn!

#3 - The Fragrance

One of the most contraversial parts about the candles you burn on a daily basis, but unfortunately one of the most toxic ingredients! Because of shady sources of research on this element and mass production overseas, it is difficult to find fragrances that are not only delightful but CLEAN. We meticulously choose fragrances that cause as little negative effects as possible, are derived from natural sources, and are clean. All of them are even skin safe!

To show the extent we care about our fragrance cleanliness, we made a list of all of the things that DIDN'T make it into each fragrance. These are ingredients often found in candle fragrances that we make a point to leave out. Though the list is extensive, because of the vast amount of chemicals normally used in candles, some we left out are not mentioned. For inquireies about specific ingredients, email our owner at

#4 - The Vessels

We proudly source vessels from small American makers and local businesses we have found through Faire. We are all in this together and supporting other small businesses is a must!

#5 - The Labels

Each of our collection has been thoughfully created by our owner, Ally K, along with her family and friends. With a background in digital design, she designs each candle's labels and gets them printed through an American provider we have fallen in love with! We are proud users of MakeStickers for an incredible product and quick turn around time. They also have great customer service and we are thankful for our relationship with them!