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BrewWorthy | Candles Inspired by Coffee Shops Around America

Burnworthy is fueled by coffee so it is only natural that we give our customer a taste of what's brewing! Our BrewWorthy collection is based on a list of our favorite coffees to drink at any time of year.

With a background as a coffee blogger and long history as a fresh-brewed-coffee-connisuer, our owner Ally had plenty ideas for top drinks to inlude in this line. She travels every few weeks with her mom to try a new coffee shop in America and so far they have covered a variety in the south east that gave them inspiration! Here is the inspiration behind each drink.

Dark Roast

I have never found a candle that smells like just plain coffee. There are plenty of sweet variations that smell like latte or a "coffee shop," but nothing is the pure, fresh roasted scent itself. I got a lot of mixed feedback from customers when I started this business and one of my fellow business owners who roasts coffee in town was quick to give me his review of the coffee candles. "It's not that bad but I would call it 'coffee,' candy. It doesn't smell like coffee."

It took a year of perfecting the scent load and finding one that matched just right but I am now confident that we have developed a scent that has a dark roast feel! Inspired by one of our favorite local shops, Cool Beanz, and their owner.

Hazelnut Latte

As I have matured my taste has advanced but there is something so fun and whimsical about a hazelnut latte. It was my childhood favorite and it had to be included! And it just so happened, it has become a fan favorite. The perfect blend of sweet with a chocolaty dark roast undertone, once I developed this one it was clear that we had struck gold!

Oatmilk Cinnamon

Based on a fall scent, Oatmeal Cookie, this candle is modeled after a drink that is gaining popularity! Oatmilk and cinnamon is a popular flavor at many of the coffee shops Mom and I have visited and it turned out so well in a candle. With the base for Oatmeal Cookie (everyone's favorite Burnworthy fall scent), it is a decadent candle that has been a hit so far!

Lavender Latte

As Mom and I travelled in the summer of 2022 we started seeing lavender more and more and for me it has become a staple scent! It is hard to get a lavender latte right on and the same goes for candles. It took a bit to get the throw just right in this one. But just like a good lavender latte, when you make a good lavender and coffee candle it just hits different. This is such a comforting scent, possibly my very favorite!

Vanilla Latte 

I feel like this is needless to explain but basically, sometimes you need a 'coffee candy,' candle in your life. Our blend of dark roast with Vanilla to enhance and make it a little sweeter. We love this scent and it resides at the top of our list in popularity!

- Ally K.

Our motto is to say things worth cancelling, have a cause worth supporting, and make candles worth burning. These are worth burning in a new way! Shop our BrewWorthy Scents or order a sample to learn more. You can follow our journey or read more about our story via Facebook and Instagram!

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