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Common Scents | If You Don't Have Them, GET THEM

This collection was developed in response to a deep need for common sense. Everyone needs it but unfortunately it is becoming less and less common, much like the presence of candles with honest ingredients on the market!

Our common scents collection is designed to have a scent that every person will love with no toxic effects. We carefully chose each one and developed it with our customers' health in mind, ensuring that none of our fragrances possess toxic candles, carcinogens, or allergens as much as is within our ability!

While they are labelled "common," here are a few things that make our Common Scents unique

1 - Best Value

At less than 20 cents for each hour you burn, each candle burns for 60 hours for a fraction of the cost of most 8oz candles. While most premium candles flaunt lofty prices, we ensure that you get the best bang for your buck with a premium candle at a fraction of the price!

2 - Non-toxic

Like all of our candles, our common scents are non toxic no harmful chemicals! To see the full list of chemicals we left out, click here.

3 - A Scent for Everyone

We searched far and wide to find the scents that appeal to everyone and included as many as possible in our Common Scents line. Second only to our core line, Ignite, this collection has the most variety of anything Burnworthy has done!

3 - Still our Premium Quality

As we mentioned before, you can be sure that each of these has premium quality we promise in every one of our candles. Our motto is to make our candles worth burning and these are no exception!

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