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MANdles - Candles Only A Man Can Handle

What started as a joke became our most popular collection.

We all love candles but in a market where these beautiful scented creations are often pandered to women, we wanted to create something for men! Our owner, Ally, grew up working at her family's outdoor store. As most of the clientel (and her trusty scent-testers) were men, it was essential to create something strictly created to be a masculine take on candles. One of the guys joked that making MANdles was the key. What started as a joke became a local trend later when she ran with it and it became Burnworthy's bestselling item for two months!

Each MANdle is based on something masculine that our guys love. Tested by guys and adored by all, we maintain good quality, non-toxic scents with a masculine appearance. Ranked by popularity we have Rizz, New Truck, First Light, Offshore, and Humidor.

Whether you crave the strong tobacco scent of Humidor or a cleaner scent like New Truck or Rizz, these are some of our best value candles for a 60 hr burn of a masculine with no toxic chemicals to enhance!

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