IGNITE COLLECTION - Inspired by Biblical Martyrs

The name Burnworthy is derived directly from our core purpose. Through the stories on the pages of time, things that are worthy get burned. Books with moral standing were scathed in World War Two. Historically religious and cultures labelled ethnically inferior have faced fire. In the end, they all have one thing in common: they did/said something bold enough that it caught people's attention. They made a statement, posed a threat, caused a change. Therefore they were worth burning.

Regardless of your personal standing, the pages of history confirm that Jews Christians are the most persecuted religious groups. Countless martyrs and literary casualties make this impossible to ignore. Many of the faith, especially Christians, spent a lifetime of serving and died willingly because of what they beleived. It takes something stronger than human effort to account for all that willingly went to die. It takes faith in something greater.

We recognize that the intricate world we live in could not exist without a Creator and we are thankful for Him every day. We also recognize that we are tainted with a chronic sickness — a longing to do evil called sin. The world is full of it and because of evil, many good men and women have died at the end of a flame's charring tongue. 

Each of our candles in IGNITE is based on a Biblical martyr who faced fire because of what he/she believed. We chose to do it this way not out of spite for other religions or to make a morbid point, but to point out the stories of faith and beauty that made them willing to lay down their lives. We are firm believers in loyalty enough to lay down one's life for one's friends, faith, and country and this is one of many ways we chose to honor that loyalty and recognize the Lord's goodness.

Attatched to each IGNITE candle is a Bible verse that tells just a peice of each martyr's story. You can find each story more in depth on our social media weeks after each candle was released, or in the candle's description on our site. God has been good to us and we acknowledge that His love and sacrifice is something that we are willing to put it all on the line for.

We want to create a revival of people who want to do the same, loving God and willing to do amazing things to show others His love! Our candles aside, that is what is truly worth burning.

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