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Vanilla Shea Non-toxic Whipped Body Butter

Vanilla Shea Non-toxic Whipped Body Butter

If a lotion soaks in quickly and leaves your skin soft but dry, how much is it really doing?

Research over hundreds of years has clearly shown that to truly heal and rebuild itself, our skin requires a thicker solution. Thick, nutrient-filled balm is used on everything from wounds to scars to infections to leather — why should we treat our day to day skin differently? Enough highly fragranced lotion with a thin consistency that leaves your skin dry within the next few hours. We want replenished, healthy skin that last.

Our lightly fragranced body butters use the age old remedy lanolin for long term healing and anti-aging. Combined with sunflower oil which soaks into the skin quickly, nutrient-filled Shea butter, arrowroot powder to eliminate tackiness, and paste straight from a vanilla bean to add fragrance, we believe we have created the ultimate balm for dry, cracked skin or every day hydration. And it is whipped!

Our products are tested by us only, including on patients with infections and irritated areas of skin and all we have seen thus far is amazing results. From everyday application to balm for reactions to chemotherapy, we have seen a huge difference that has to be shared.

For best results, apply before bed to soak in all night. Spot test on face in case of sensitivity to vanilla bean. Wake up to enjoy soft, renewed skin.

Comes sealed in an 8oz container.

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How to Apply

🫧 Prep skin by bathing/showering

🪶 Pat skin dry & exfoliate

🧴 Apply small amount of body butter and rub it in - reapply with additional coats for deeper moisturization

☁️ Cover & let soak to later reveal cloudy soft skin!

More about our products...


All of our products are hand-made in Statesboro, GA. We meticulously hand craft each batch to ensure quality and cleanliness.


🫧 100% clean ingredients

💀 Non-toxic fragrances

🫶🏼 Hand-made

🐾 Pet safe

✨ Unique, original design by Ally


At Burnworthy, our goal is to provide bold, unique products that make a statement and carry a deeper truth. All of our products are crafted 100% from clean ingredients harvested around the U.S.

We also have a deeper mission to share the gospel and love of Jesus with every interaction we have and every product we create.

Body Butter Ingredients

🕯️ 100% clean shey butter

🧴 Pure lanolin

🌻 Sunflower oil

🫶🏼 CLEAN vanilla fragrance

🤗 Lots of love!

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