Experience the candle-making process first hand


Host one of our workshops to learn how to make non-toxic candles yourself and complete the class with a candle of your own! You can host these in your home or a reserved space with a group or book them at one of our go-to facilities in Statesboro, GA.

Capacity is up to 30 people which makes these great team-building events or company parties or birthday parties for smaller groups of 10!

We are proud veterans of several successful classes and you can be too! Reach out to us below to get this party started!

Describe your wants/apply for a candle making class below!


Standard pricing per a class of 10-20 is $24/student + venue fees.

For classes of 20+ students we offer lower rates depending on venue and candle size.

  • Class sizes/ages

    Most classes host between 10-20 people with 30 people for company parties. We recommend setting an age minimum of 12 - these are adult events with high-temperature wax.

  • Class duration

    Classes typically run for between 1 and 2hrs. Offering sips and snacks is common for socialization during dry times of candles to keep students engaged!

  • Tickets

    Because of candle and venue costs, most hosts charge between $30-$40 per student, especially when providing snacks!

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Choose up to 10 scents

Whether you plan on combining scents or choosing from our hand-mixed creations, we offer up to 10 scents to choose from that fit the theme of your class!

Find a vessel that fits

We recommend the use of a metal, 8oz jar as these are easiest to pour in for beginners. However, if you have jars you would like to use in your experience or that match your company style, don't hesitate to make suggestions!

Request a custom label

Each candle making class comes with blank labels and markers/pens to decorate them with. This way, everyone gets a custom experience and can name their own candle!

To get your logo/a themed label simply include your request in the contact form below! We would love to work with you to suit your needs.

What are you waiting for? Time to apply!